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NFL teams have a big job when it comes to covering pre-game, in-game, and post-game. But even for their in-house teams of talented designers and content creators, it can be a lot to handle. For one of the biggest brands in the world, it was “heaven-sent” to have a partnership with Team Infographics. Ti worked very closely with their content strategist to build a social graphics package that was consistent with their team’s brand for each season.

From Score Updates, to Player Highlights, to Crowd Prompts, we made sure the Dallas Cowboys were covered for any possible story they needed to tell their fans and followers on social. Like with all our clients, we are available year round to ensure consistency whether sharing pre-game information, in-game stats, or post-game stories, Fuzzy Red Panda’s Ti platform made it possible for the Cowboys social team to do quickly & efficiently.

“Team Infographics are absolutely incredible and the customer service that they've been able to provide us is unlike any other vendor I've ever worked with. Doing graphics in-game is a huge part of the game-day experience on social media.

“I think it's heaven-sent because of the fact that it's all just on a web page, all custom and unique to us. It's the best system I've used.”

- Taylor Stern (Dallas Cowboys - Content Strategist)
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